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Here at Urban Lens, we provide quality, urban, innovative multimedia services to those who are
interested in providing or advertising media that will appeal to all generations.
Multimedia services that range from Videography, Photography, Editing to professional Graphic
Design, Motion Graphics, and Branding Consultancy.


We offer a range of services, like videography for all your film needs


Professional pictures and natural shots always to suit the client

Motion graphics

Need a motion graphic, we can create the perfect advertisement for your needs

Graphic Design

We can create professional graphics for your business, with years of experience

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Project 1

No Ordinary Man - Short film

No Ordinary Man: A short film piece about a Hitman in his mid-30s, fulfilling his missions as a secret assassin commissioned by the ‘Company’. Hamza (name of the lead role) encounters many decisions that leave him with difficult questions. His life has just started as a married man and his wife Sana has unexpected news that leaves Hamza in a position where he has to consider all outcomes carefully. What will the company do when they bring in a new breed of hitmen to take over from him? What are the possibilities of survival? What drives Hamza, Faith, or Reality?
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Project 2

Urban Lens Editing Programme

Urban Lens provides quality, innovative multimedia services to those who are interested in advertising media that will appeal to all generations. Multimedia services that range from videography, photography, editing to professional graphic design, motion graphics, and branding consultancy. 

If you are interested in elevating your content and your channels to the next level, please get in touch with us now for a quote

Through consistent market research, we have discovered the issues and drawbacks that content creators face when it comes to platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, IGTV, and Vimeo, issues such as; time management, editing durations, editing skill and technique, publishing issues, copyright restrictions, video blocks, content ideas and also film quality issues.

With all this being said Urban Lens aims to provide a quality and efficient service that can help aid and support you’re growing platform. How we are able to offer this, is through editing services, publishing services, and consultation meetings with industry specialists. This can, in turn, grow your YouTube channel to the full potential it deserves to be at and beyond, as content creators we understand that putting media and content out on streaming platforms isn’t all about the money that we get paid, however, Urban Lens can be a great help in achieving large-scale revenue income through monetization and advertisements, especially using YouTube.

Being content creators ourselves gives us an understanding of how difficult it is post-production, so that’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to be able to worry about all your post-production needs so that you can focus important job of creating quality, entertaining content.

Here is what it looks like to work with URBAN LENS VISUALS


We highly urge you to go through our booking process, where you will get the opportunity to speak to one of our qualified content creators. Discussing your media needs is the pivotal step to executing your vision and also it gives us the opportunity to get to know you. Book Now

Getting in contact

Make an enquiry through our contact form below and let us know what your project is all about


We will go through everything you need for your project, and cover your goals and requirements as well as what the overall process looks like

The shoot

This is where the bulk of the work happens and we shoot the footage for your project on our agreed date


We will then transform all the footage and piece everything together to create your dream project.

How pricing works


 Elevate yourself and your Business with Urban Lens Visuals. Specialising in Video, Photography, Motion Graphics, and Professionals Graphic design. Quality professional Multimedia at affordable prices. With experience in Music Videos, Short films, Corporate Events, Party Event, and Commercial projects. Check out our base prices

Photoshoot and Video Package

3hrs of Cinematography (Including Camera and Equipment)12 Edited photos included = £395 Post Production included for Edited Photos only Additional £155 for Post Production for Edited Content

  • 4k Video
  • Fast turnovers
  • Professional contract agreements

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics that aligns with your business and connects with your target market

  • High quality motion graphics
  • Multiple formats available
  • Unique and memorable graphics Feature

Editing Services

Are you looking to elevate your Business or Platform to the next level? Book a consultation now to be able to establish what editing package is best for you. Prices may Vary

  • Business packages available
  • You tuber packages available
  • Beginners packages available

More about Urban Lens Visuals

About Urban Lens Visuals

Having our CEO (Rai Singh Taak) direct and execute cliental visions has put Urban Lens in a credible position to be able to work with named brands such as; Red Bull Media, Tablebay, and IML. Not to mention the portfolio of Music Artists Urban Lens has already worked with. With Testimonies on request, we guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied with the quality of service we will be providing. Please contact Urban Lens for further enquiries

Don't just take our words for it hear what our clients have to say about our wotk


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"It was a pleasure to work with Rai on No Ordinary Man. He is professional in everything he does. I would highly recommend working with Rai and Urban Lens Visuals"
Lisa Gearly
Freelance Actress
"Rai is a young visionary who excels in creative video editing. His execution skills and timely turnaround is second to none. I'd highly recommend him for any cinematography services."
Mark Boateng
"Rai has a comforting spirit about him, from the moment you shake his hands you know this guy is someone who can do what he says he can. Determined leader, not afraid to get stuck in while still keeping enough distance to evaluate and lead the situation. It’s comforting to have someone who seems to value your mental state of mind as well as your physical state while working with you."
Micheal D. Douglas
Professional Actor

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